Clay materials list and resources

Many thanks to all who attended the clay workshop!

As promised here are the resource links:

This is the link to the different kinds of laguna clay company clays.

I like B-Mix with sand and Long Beach Blend

Laguna can deliver and ship

Call in orders or confirm and arrange payment for quotes between 8 am and 4:30 pm at 1-800-452-4862 ext 235 or ext 201.

I like CREATABLE COLORS as an underglaze if you are going to fire the children’s work

Cone 06 Glaze, Underglaze & Majolica Especially for Bisque

• Create thousands of brilliant shades and hues from the Primary Palette of Creatable Colors.

• Use as an underglaze under Creatable Colors’ clear gloss or clear matte.

• Apply as a stand-alone glaze for a bright and brilliant finish.

• Brush over Creatable Colors majolica base for the look of the Renaissance!

The Creatable Colors glaze system has been designed to allow you, the artist, to use either the primary palette colors directly from the jar, or to mix, in varying amounts,

two or more of the primary palette colors to achieve a virtually unlimited number of brilliant bold hues, pastel shades and everything in between.

Great selection of tools.:

Face molds for clay:

For clay textures:,default,sc.html

Great Clay book for teachers

Children, Clay, And Sculpture (9780871921451): Cathy Weisman 


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