Please Help Branches Toddler

Hi Everyone,

I know that this is a very busy time  but I was hoping you might find time to write a letter of support for funding NF1.
 One of our toddlers has this diagnosis and my hope is that if we all take a little time out of our busy day to write a letter we might be able to take one step closer towards finding a cure.
Please feel free to forward the email below to any family or friends that might be willing to help.  I have always believed that if we come come together as a community we can find ways to support and nurture each other and we all are little better because of it.
Much Love,
Hello lovely Branches Families and Friends,

In a conversation Karen and I had last Friday before our Toddler group, I shared that Natalie has been diagnosed with NF1.  This is the reason for the tibial dysplasia in her left leg.  We are very fortunate that the tibial dysplasia is the only symptom that is manifesting for Natalie, and we hope and pray that will continue to be the case.  As a family, we are beginning to come to terms with this diagnosis, and we are so incredibly grateful for Natalie’s joyful and irrepressible spirit.  She is the absolute joy of our lives, and she is teaching us so much; Michael and I both feel beyond priviledged to be her parents.

Below, I am forwarding you an email that we received recently from the Children’s Tumor Foundation, the nation’s premiere organization for fighting and finding a cure for neurofibromatosis (NF).  At the bottom of the email is a link for a form letter to be sent to your local congressional representative urging them to support a current bill which allows for continued funding for NF.  I cannot tell you how much your support would mean to our family — and to all of the other families with children who have NF — if you would take the time and send a letter in to your representative.

Please feel free to forward this to as many people as you can; the more support we can garner, the better.

Additionally, if you would like to find out more information about neurofibromatosis, please go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation’s website:

Based on the research Michael and I have read, we know in our hearts that science can find a way to manage this disease which is present in our daughter.  But for that to happen, much support is needed.  Writing a letter to your representative would be a huge first step.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.With love and gratitude,

Kelly, Michael, and Natalie Peterson
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