Branches Atelier Educator Tour


Branches Atelier Educator Tour   (Space limited to 15)

When: Thursday February 2nd  9am to 3pm 

Where: Branches Atelier, Culver City, CA 90066

Cost: $100 or $75 with valid student ID   

Lunch included

We are happy to welcome you to experience a day of observation and reflection of our school. During our time together, you will have a guided tour of our school, observe in our classrooms and meet with teachers, parents and facilitators to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of our school.

This tour will cover the following:

  • What is the flow of our day?
  • How are the values of our school integrated through out the day?
  • How has our outdoor yard been transformed into several outdoor ateliers?
  • How do the teachers engage children through the use of materials?
  • What role do reflection meetings play in the organization of the day?
  • How are planned possibilities used to support, uncover and develop children’s inquires?
  • What is the organizational structures of our Parent and Baby, Parent and Toddler and Preschool program?
  • How are parents involved in our school?
  • How is documentation used to uncover and support children’s learning?

To confirm your space, please download the registration form and mail it with your payment to Branches Atelier.

Click to access educator-tour-2017.pdf

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