Resources for Social Change

Last October we formed a new Branches parent committee called  Agents of Social Change in response to our parents desire to better connect to the issues of social and environmental justice that we were arising as part of our work in the classroom to their own experiences in their homes. This committee has four main initial areas of research.

1. Support parents in forming Social Action Groups so they can connect and organize themselves around the issues that concern our community.

2. Link families with young children to developmentally appropriate outside organizations that would allow children to participate in ongoing social action work with their parents.

3.  Research and curate an extensive children’s book list to foster social and environmental awareness and action among children and families. We have curated a children’s book list that we hope you will find inspiring and useful. This booklist is to provide educators, carers, and parents with some additional resources to broach both important and challenging topics with preschool aged children.

4.  Make visible a culture of gratitude, from home and school to our extended community.

We are making this list available to you as a result of the research of our committee and community to open the dialogue with young children about how parents and children can reflect together and take action on these challenging subjects.

Please click here to download the list

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2 Responses to Resources for Social Change

  1. Linda Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable resource…especially in these times of uncertainty.

  2. Nancy says:

    Such a great and much needed resource. Thank you for creating and sharing with us. I’ll pass it along, as I’m sure its usefulness will be appreciated by many.

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