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Hi Everyone,

I am excited to announce this workshop! 

We are so happy to have Tiziana Filippini coming to Los Angeles to do a day-long workshop for teachers, parents, students, professors, and administrators. 

She is fantastic. I personally have learned more from her than anyone else. She was one of the original Reggio educators who worked as pedagogista with Loris Malaguzzi!

I have never heard anyone talk about the role of the adult in a Reggio setting like her. She is amazing!! I am hoping that we can have as many people as possible come to hear her speak. 

For Parents, she will give you a new way of seeing and understanding children. For experienced teachers, she will offer new insights into your teaching practice, for students, she will inspire your passion for early childhood education, and for professors and administrators, she will talk about (what is) the role of children in our culture.

The West Coast Collaborative is also happy to announce that we are offering a student discount for ECE students with a current college ID.  We hope to have as many students as possible come to hear her speak. Tiziana is down to earth and at the same time inspirational. 

Please feel free to send this info to anyone who might be interested, and anyone else who needs a little inspiration!

Hope to see you there!

Patricia Hunter McGrath

The West Coast Collaborative is a collection of schools that have been working together for many years, studying and researching the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.  
Branches Atelier, Bright Start, Growing Place Ocean Park, Growing Place Marine Park, The New SchoolWest, and Voyages Preschool are active members of this collaborative group.

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Where: Wildwood Elementary School

12201 Washington Place, Los Angeles, CA  90066

When: February, 9th, 2019

9AM – 3PM

Cost: General admission: $65

Student Discount: $35 With ECE ID

Please email with a copy of your current student ID to apply for a student discount. Once approved you will be able to purchase a discounted ticket


Bring Your own Lunch

As adults, we all choose how we listen and respond to children but what do we base our decisions on? How closely are we connected to the minds and hearts of the children near us?Join us as Tiziana Filippini explores the powerful role that adults play in children’s learning.

Tiziana Filippini is a pedagogista who collaborates with Reggio Children with regard to research, conferences, and consultancies in Italy and abroad. 

From 1978 to 2015, she worked as a member of the Pedagogical Coordinating Team of the Istituzione – Preschools and Infant Toddler Centers of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

Tiziana was referent for the acclaimed exhibit, “The Hundred Languages of Children” and is currently one of the curators of the new version, “The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children.”

In addition to her work with the municipality of Reggio Emilia, Tiziana was part of the original research group of Making Learning Visible, a collaboration between Reggio Children and Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The collaboration resulted in a book, Making Learning Visible: Children as Individual and Group Learners, which became very well known in North American early childhood circles and all over the world.

Click Here to Purchase tickets

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