Connection To Nature And The Environment video

From our beginning in 2007, Branches Atelier has been at the forefront of developing an innovative, responsive environmental, educational philosophy that deeply connects us with nature and helps support children, teachers, and families taking an active role in healing our environment.

At Branches, we believe that everyday is Earth Day, and our commitment to healing our planet is in small actions that we do everyday. It is integrated through all that we do. It is our way of life and permeates throughout our school.

Through workshops, parent meetings, documentation of the children’s theories, and classroom curriculum, all members of our community are invited to become actively involved in Restorative Environmental Educational Practices. We believe that many of our methods can be applied at home, school, and also have a positive impact on our extended community.

At Branches, we believe that we need to do more than sustain our environment; we need to restore and repair.

In the following video, Patricia shares her educational, environmental philosophy and welcomes and introduces our returning and new families into the work taking place at Branches.

She also offers a wide array of ways we can rethink our connection and relationships with nature and find active ways to restore our environment at home, school, and in our extended communities.

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