Branches Book and Toy Resource Guide

With the winter holiday season fast approaching, I am excited to share our updated Branches Atelier Book & Toy Resource Guide. The books and gifts contained within this guide will support children’s creativity and imagination as well as their attention, self-control and problem-solving skills.

Before heading out to the mall or jumping online to purchase the latest and greatest gifts, I would like to suggest that perhaps you might rethink how many new toys your child needs. Maybe scale back the number and the kind of toys and gifts you purchase. If your child has too much, nothing is special. When a child has too many toys, they tend to flit from one to the other without investing time and deeply exploring or playing with what they have. This leads to boredom. 

While all toys do have a sticker price, I encourage you to slow down and consider the actual cost of certain toys. With climate change being one of the biggest challenges of our time, we must take into consideration the environmental cost of producing so many gifts and toys. And we must ask ourselves the question, “What happens to the toy after a child is finished with it?” Too often, the “latest and greatest” toys end up discarded and, unfortunately, in the trash dump within a few months. Many of these toys are made of plastic and don’t naturally break down. If you think the toy might be discarded in a few months, don’t buy it. 

Instead, here are some high-quality, child-tested, environmentally friendly, fun, and educational gifts ideas that children will enjoy for years to come. These toys will withstand the test of time. And best of all, many of them have much less impact on our environment. 

Finally, don’t forget to buy less, play more, and spend time creating some wonderful new family memories!

Enjoy!! Patricia

Click Here to download Branches Atelier Book & Toy Resource Guide

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Branches Book and Toy Resource Guide

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