30 pages of specially curated choices for you and your family, a free gift from Branches Atelier

In an effort to foster awareness and action among children and families, we have curated a children’s booklist that wehope you will find inspiring and useful. This booklist is to provide educators, carers and parents with resources to broach important topics with preschool aged children.

We recommend you read these books before reading them with children to give yourself time to think through questions that might arise. We’ve prioritized finding books that highlight human diversity in the realms of cultural inclusion (anti-bias), language, gender, family structure, and socio- economics. We’ve also included books which celebrate gratitude and responsible use of our environmental resources.

The books listed link to Amazon as well as our local Culver City bookstore Village Well Books & Coffee when available, and titles are asterisked if we have them in the Branches Atelier library. Your local bookstores and local library are also excellent places to find or request these books.

Over time, we hope to expand the resource guide to include books and articles for adults, and additional studies which support current research on these topics. If you have a book, article, or study that you think we should include, please send it our way. Visit for the recommendation form.

Please feel free to share this with your coworkers, friends and families.

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