We still have some spaces available in our upcoming workshops

Hands on immersive, interactive workshops for educators and parents.

These workshops will be the first to be held at our beautiful new campus in Culver City and will include a tour of our school!

1) An Introduction to the Reggio Approach

(A hands-on workshop)  
When: Sunday, August 26th,  9am to 3pm
Where: Branches Atelier, Culver City
Presented by  Patricia Hunter McGrath
  • What is the Reggio approach?
  • How does the environments act as a third teacher?
  • What is the Hundred Languages of Children?
  • What is the role of the teacher?
  • How are parents in partnership with the school?
  • What is an atelier?
  • What is the role of an Atelierista and Pedogogista?
  • What are the organizational structures that support this work?
  • How is documentation used to support children’s teachers and parent learning?

2) Creating a Culture of Community: Starting the Year with Intention. 

Repeat Due to Popular Demand!
Presented by Patricia Hunter McGrath 
When: Saturday September 8th,  9am to 3pm
Where: Branches Atelier, Culver City


  • How do we welcome new families into our schools?
  • How do we create classrooms that embrace children and parents?
  • How do we develop share values among teachers, parents and children?
  • How to we design classrooms to reflect our community?
  • How do we create a school that is inclusive?
  • How is documentation used to create a culture of interconnections?
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