About Mary Hartzell

Hi Wonderful Teachers and Friends,

I have always believed that in a community you help each other out. Mary needs our help. For over 30 years Mary has dedicated  her life supporting children and families all over California, Let’s give back to her with our support.


Please forward to anyone you can.

Hi, Friends.  I’m on the team to outreach in support of raising funds for Mary Hartzell’s long term care and forgive me if you’ve already received this from others working to support her.  For me, Mary really impacted my professional growth over the many years as colleagues working together and the community reaps the benefits of what she has taught her teachers and families. All of which makes this news so sad though her gifts will keep on giving.  With that, below is a little blurb from the website and the link for your gift of giving, if you so choose, with Mary in mind.  Feel free to forward this on.  Every little bit helps.

xo Gratefully, Roleen


Raising money to support long-term care for Mary Hartzell, Director of First Pres Nursery School.

After more than 30 years as Director of First Presbyterian Nursery School,  Mary is about to retire, and just when she should be relaxing, planning trips and basking in the glow of all her successes, she’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Together we can help make Mary’s retirement years as comfortable and stress-free as possible by contributing to a protected trust which will support her long-term care needs not covered by her insurance. Any unused monies will revert to First Pres as a scholarship fund in Mary’s name.

We have all benefited from Mary’s wisdom, insight, vision and compassion for many wonderful years. Join us in honoring this amazing woman with the same determination and passion she showed our children and us for so many years. Let’s put our love and gratitude into action.

Here is the link: http://gfwd.at/Qg2V6u

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