Children, Families and Schools as Agents of Social Change This Saturday, 2/25/17

We still have spaces available for this Saturdays Workshop

Please call to reserve a space and pay at the door

Jim 310 260 1576

Children, Families and Schools as Agents of Social Change: Creating Change Through Empathy, Agency and Daily Rituals New!

Saturday, February 25th  9am to 3pm A hands-on workshop $75

Please click here for the registration form

Presented byPatricia Hunter McGrath and Christina Bianchi

  • How do you create, support and sustain community at the beginning of life?
  • How do we support children in feeling that they can have agency in their world?
  • In what ways can our homes and schools become places where daily practices support children’s agency?
  • In contentious and difficult times, how can we build community and in what ways do we support conversation through perspective taking?
  • How do we create communities that are flexible and dynamic in thinking as well as kind and nurturing?
  • What is the role of parents and teachers in the coming era?
  • How do you create a home or classroom that celebrates diversity is open to different points of view and perspectives and problem solving to build resilient social relationships?
  • How do we move away from sustainability and embrace a restorative and resilient future/culture?
  • What is the language of resiliency and flexibility, and how can we incorporate perspective taking through everyday communication?
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