New Workshop This Saturday 3/18/17 Lines That Wander

We still have spaces in our last 2 workshops 

This Saturday 3/18/17

Lines that Wander: 

An Exploration of Techniques and Possibilities New!

Saturday,  March 18th  9am to 3pm A hands-on workshop $75

If you would like to attend please confirm with

Please click here for the registration form

Presented by Patricia Hunter McGrath and Christina Bianchi

  • How does line support an authentic and contextual exploration of literacy or mathematics?
  • How does an exploration of line support building community and promote understanding of multiple perspectives?
  • How do you introduce the many types of line tools into a classroom?
  • How do you take a line for a walk?
  • How do different types of line tools support observation, problem solving, gesture, reflection, impression and magical thinking?
  • How do you introduce many different techniques of drawing?
  • When are gestural, observational, representational, drawing to learn and narrative drawing intoduced to the children?

A Look Into The Big City Group: 

Developing Ideas and Representing Plans Through a Wide Range of Materials and Media       New! 

Saturday,  April 22nd  9am to 3pm A hands-on workshop $75

Please click here for the registration form

Presented Sivan Perets

  • How does investigative work with children unfold?
  • How does exposure to a variety of materials expand and deepen children’s thinking?
  • How does thinking about cultural context unveil social responsibility?
  • How does hands on work promote an investigative mindset?
  • What can children learn from each other regarding their differing perspectives within this type of work?
  • How can challenges within the work present valuable learning opportunities for discovery?
  • How do children develop ideas in a group context?
  • How are literacy, blocks, clay, drawing and math threaded through this exploration?
  • What are the organizational structures that support small group work?
  • What classroom strategies support and develop collaboration

To Secure a space please download the registration form and mail your payment to:

Branches Atelier 11359 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066

Please click here for the registration form

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