Upcoming Workshops – from Branches Atelier Online

Introduction to Creating Online Extracurriculars

Wednesday 7/1/2020 6:30pm to 8:00pm   $30 Please click here to register

Presented by Franceska Schifrin

In this workshop we will discuss how to use extracurricular activities at home, to create a base for children learning to use materials, develop self-confidence, and expand and extend the classroom curriculum. We will include numerous hands-on and how – to demonstrations that can be done with simple materials from the home.

These are some of the topics this workshop will cover:

  • What are extracurricular activities?
  • Why is it important for children to have fun?
  • How can extracurricular activities develop independence and self-confidence?
  • How can extracurriculars expand social and emotional awareness?
  • How can these activities encourage dialogue and understanding of environmental responsibilities?
  • How can extracurricular activities become a bridge between home and school in this time of Covid-19?
  • What is the role of the parent in the extracurricular experience?
  • Numerous how -to demonstrations that can be presented virtually to children.
  • A materials list for educators to consider.

All workshops will be presented via Zoom and tickets are to be purchased via EventBrite

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2 Responses to Upcoming Workshops – from Branches Atelier Online

  1. Will this workshop be available as a video, for those in different time zones?

    • I am sorry but currently our workshops are currently not available as recordings. We do plan to launch a series of all of our workshops online which will be accessible as recordings. Thank you

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